My beliefs, today

What was the last book you read?Old Man's War by John Scalzi
What is you favorite Genre (kind) or Book?Science Fiction (of science-y variety), fantasy (of epic-y variety), magical realism, fabulism, mythology, history, science, bloody technical manuals!
When a movie is made of a book you've read are you happy or dissapointed?I try not to prejudge, but disappointment seems to be more frequent than happiness
When you read a Book does it often create an emotional reationYES.
Do you read for pleasure?YES.
DO you read more than one book a year?Far and beyond
More than one a month?Far and beyond
What was the most influential book on your life?Too many to mention. But, for one, Carl Sagan's Demon-Haunted World
What was the most powerful book you ever read?again, a lot. Lots of SF, and, in non-fiction, Emma Goldman, Michael Walzer, Bertrand Russell, David Hume, et al
If you could, would you ban a book and if so, Why?never.
DO you dislike people that are a different color than you?no
DO you dislike people that come from another country?no
DO you dislike people that are a different sexual orientation that you are (Gay/ Lesbian /Transgender /Straight?no
DO you dislike people that follow a different faith than you do?no, it's their beliefs that are idiotic, not the people themselves
When someone speaks to you and says something that upsets you, does it make you angry?no
When someone speaks to you about different Ideas, Are you willing to listen?YES.
Outside the Box:Space
DO you think that there are intelegent life forms in other solar sysytems?I don't know, but I would suspect so.
If not, why not?Again, we do not have sufficient data.
If So, do you think they are friendly or hostile?see above
If so do you think they would ever come here?see above
If So, do you think they already have come here?no
If someone from another solar system asked you about the human race, What would you tell them?deeply confused but holding soome promise
Outside the Box:Time
DO you believe in the possiblity of Time Travel?It is a simple fact in some of theoretical models
DO you believe inAlternate Universes?see above
What is your favorite Time period?anytime. Present.
What time Period other than now would you live in, if you couldFuture? I don't know, I am going there already.


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