reality has a well-known liberal bias part 37

A funny bill is moving towards approval in the state of Oklahoma. HB2211 has passed the House and is moving right up, into Senate. It will do this:

"The bill requires public schools to guarantee students the right to express their religious viewpoints in a public forum, in class, in homework and in other ways without being penalized. If a student's religious beliefs were in conflict with scientific theory, and the student chose to express those beliefs rather than explain the theory in response to an exam question, the student's incorrect response would be deemed satisfactory, according to this bill.

The school would be required to reward the student with a good grade, or be considered in violation of the law. Even simple, factual information such as the age of the earth (4.65 billion years) would be subject to the student's belief, and if the student answered 6,000 years based on his or her religious belief, the school would have to credit it as correct. Science education becomes absurd under such a situation."

Doesn't the world already have enough to laugh/weep over when looking at the USA?

The sponsor of the bill is one Sally Kern, who appears to be one of the most bigoted, nasty religio-robots in this country; a vile human being by any standards. She claims that there is a vast gay conspiracy infiltrating our schools, among other nasty remarks; apparently, her son is gay and has been disowned by her. So it goes in the land of religious hypocrisy.

but, officer, he appeared to be entirely reasonable!

Rowan Williams, who in the past impressed me somewhat with his rationality and uncommon—for a clergyman—level-headedness, is rapidly losing points. Among other things, he claims that science cannot settle the abortion question, that evolutionary theory is "a limited theory about certain limited phenomena" (life in the Universe? Algorithmically driven change in self-replicating systems? Hmm...does not seem so limited to me); however, my favourite one is his elitist insinuations: society can't handle science, indeed. Failing...