thinking and drinking only differ in two letters

Eventually, we all have to recognize that we have certain specific skills and it is noone's fault that we have them. We cannot be blamed, or found wanting for what we do not know if we show at least some desire to learn, to change ourselves, to renew ourselves. My lack of knowledge of pilotage, or internal combustion engines, is no more worthy of contempt than your lack of knowledge of mathematical cosmology, or religious history--or, to put in into a more practical context, of survival in the tundra in January. The only offense against others and the Universe (but what is the Universe but others?) lies in treating another person as inferior, or their desires as somehow insignificant on the Norns' loom. Even the lack of the above understanding does not qualify one as an inferior entity.

Ouch! I have just talked myself into a tidy corner in which I have to accept an equal standing for any living entity (and perhaps rocks as well!). Before I do so, let me reassure you that one's personal opinions are also included in the above all-encompassing statement. Perhaps the only true offense against life, the universe and everything lies in denying the validity of the Other's thoughts, feelings, lusts, reactions, before killing her. One has to be able to love, respect, and recognize the reality of their victims as well as their lovers, friends, SOs and tentacular bedmates. I thank my bloody breakfast eggs each morning, for obvious reasons. Otherwise, there is no future.

Um, lest I appear somehow optimistic, let me reassure you: there is no future.

And, just in case I sound too pessimistic, let me remind you: a small word of kindness goes much farther than all the philanthropies of the world. And there's always a bridge to stare at the surface of the water from nearby...:)


Anonymous said...

uggh. i can't remember my log in, but cindy was here dammit!
good post.
and there is no future. seriously. i feel more guilty than ever for bringing kids into this mess of a planet.
but anyway... you're still a cool dude. ♥♥♥

cyndromeda said...

heh heh. i just logged into my gmail account, but i don't remember my login here. poof.

finefroghair said...

well the future will be
just the same as the past
one's like the other
they continually last

if one did not exist
than neither would we
you can't have tomorrow
without a history

a never ending circle
of simplistic design
just do not think about it
it will blow your mind

Jorgon Gorgon said...

My mind is blown.