Oh Saturday! Lazy Saturday!

Metablog Sabbath strikes again:

This video is incredible: a mind-blowing view of the Moon's transit of the Sun, shot in UV by STEREO craft. Far out! Especially the sunspots, which appear bright at these wavelengths.

Also, one of the most consistently fascinating blogs around: John Wilkins on the ontology vs metaphysics of emergent properties.

And, International Polar Year has just begun. With luck, I'll get to go to Ellesmere Island for a few fascinating weeks. Or Greenland. Oh well.

Curiosity seems to be...umm...curiously;) absent from the users of Cure Zone--one of the woo-centrals on the web, and quite a hilarious place in its own right. Anyway, this is the their atheism FAQ. Hmmm...I guess they just don't care. I should post something there soon...

And don't forget about Ann Coulter and Conservative humour! (I cannot claim authorship, but the word "coultergeist" has been seen on several sites; I am impressed).

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